Monday, July 18, 2011

Yup yup yup, another warmup. I got a sepia tone Pentel pocketbrush, and I'm playin' around with that. Goes great with brown paper, so it seems. This one's another shaman, I dunno why I get stuck on certain design/characters like this. It's like I've gotta flush it out of my system before my brain can move on.

I did kind of a short body cleansing thing this last week. You know, aside from showers. I realized how ridiculously hooked I was on caffeine, so I went a week without caffeine, alchohol, sugar, etc. Aside from the headaches the first couple days, it wasn't so bad. Today I had my first cup of coffee, and damn, it's crazy what a week can do to wipe out a built up tolerance. Halfway through one cup I had to stop, I'm jittery as all hell. Maybe I should do this cleansing stuff more often, given that I typically go through a bag of coffee beans in a week. Hmmm...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Here's some recent work for Wizards of the Coast's June issue of "Dragon Magazine." It's been published, so I think I'm safe putting it up here. The linework was done on bristol with brush and ink, and then all the colors and flashy bits are Photoshop.

Wizards of the Coast has been on my list of dream clients since I started freelancing, so that's awesome. I've always been a huge geek for fantasy art. The art director I worked with (Jon Schindehette) was great, and he even brought me in for a tour of their offices. Man, I though Video-game studios were nerdy, but I've never seen so many figurines, posters, and other knicknacks in one place. It looks like a pretty cool office to work in, as far as offices go.