Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here's a couple life-drawings from recently. The guy who runs the lifedrawing I frequent mixed it up this time, hiring a model (Van Medcalf) who's known for his wide array of costumes. The guys quite a character, and definitely a great model. I've never had a model who not only held poses well, but also gets into character and holds an expression the whole time as well!

The first one is just B lead with a little bit of sumi ink in a cheap pentel-color brush for blacks. The second is inked with the same pentel brush, and an array of col-erase pencils for colors. Col-erase is great for lifedrawing and sketching, because they're so easily blended with just a finger, or lifted with an eraser. They're not light-fast at all though, so they're no good for anything you want to last

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